Bees on the move

First I saw a dense cloud of insects — termites, I assumed. But the intense buzzing alerted me to look more closely. They were bees, swarming about the top of a young pittosporum tree.

Having had trouble with bees making their hive too close to a doorway before, I was anxious to see where they were going to settle.

Then I spotted the dark shape at the heart of the Autumnalis shrub rose next to the tree. I had been on my hands and knees, weeding right there, only yesterday.

I hoped this wasn’t a permanent choice of abode.

But I know little about bees. Next day they were further down the yard, in a seething mass on the grass below the lemon-scented ti-tree.

Later that same day, as I planted out calamint seedlings, over the crackle of Radio National on my tiny transistor radio I heard an odd noise. A plane? I turned the radio off. No, bees, on the move again.

They seemed to be searching for a new place to land, and heading my way.

As I didn’t want to caught up in this, I decided it was lunchtime and fair leapt up the steps to the safety of indoors.

I have yet to find where the next squat is located.

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