The ornamental grapevine leaves are now red, so the little green tree snake who visited it in its summer green is no longer camouflaged. The best it can do is mimic stems. Here it looks as if it has green frog fingers as well. Although its head is teeny, thumbnail size, as you can see, […]


It’s autumn, and I welcome the cooler mornings, but we are also having daily deluges more like tropical summer storms. In the first five days of March we had 124 mm — or six inches if you’re my age — and that’s on top of what we’d already received in 2017.  By New Year it […]

It’s mid-Autumn; at last the nights and mornings have turned cold. The slow combustion fire warms me at night; the sight of Autumn mists rising from the valley warms my spirit of a morning. The dew and the sunshine cause even the electric fence and the wretched Setaria grass to take on beauty. I am […]

Autumn, my favourite season, when crisp sunny days contrast with fire-warmed nights.  Taking a photo of the glory vine’s red leaves, it struck me that my roof embodies the contrasts inherent in my life here. Here I sit in the midst of constantly surprising, stunning natural beauty, and yet just look at my roof, bristling […]

I am wallowing in the daily delights of my mountain, after too long away. Tassie is a permanent seductress for me, but so is home. Even the wet days have been a treat, as I am snug and warm in the cabin, with the slow combustion fire on and banked right down. The mud brick […]

I’m loving being home for a spell, especially as the weather is so beautifully verging on Autumn. Here it’s green and fresh and clear and the wallabies and I are fully appreciating it! All the ‘garden’ trees, like the Chinese Tallow Tree, look happy. For some reason the Lemon Ti-Tree is only flowering on one of […]

As the last red leaves fell from the Glory Vine, this exquisite little nest, round as tennis ball and about the same size, was revealed. It was knitted with gossamer threads and moss onto three twigs, like grandma making a sock by going round and round on her three needles. Quite empty, it and its twiggy […]

The temperature is dropping to 5ºC to 7ºC of a morning. Autumn’s not over but my verandah colour effects almost are. The white-flowering wisteria is more gold than green, and when backlit by the sun, it’s an absolute visual gift to me whenever I look up from my computer. The developing definition of the curving […]

There’s little flowering right now in my forest, but this pink one caught my eye. Hadn’t seen it before, and there was only one.  So, naturally, I got the camera and went closer. Which is when I realised it was a fungus, fleshy rather than flowery, fat-stemmed, the cap splitting into ‘petals’, lightly frilled, with a gill-fluted […]

As the damp and chilly days increase in frequency, the Eastern Red-necked Wallabies really appreciate a sunny spell, to dry out — and to doze. I counted thirteen lazing about on this sunny aftermath morning, enjoying that I’d finally mown some more of the orchard. Some stick to their regular spots nearer the cabin, like […]

Even from inside my cabin, Autumn leaves are adding colour in an everchanging wealth of combinations. I really have to keep my eyes open — and camera ready — for new effects every day. I step out on to the verandah, and the effect is quite different, between the wisteria’s green and gold and the […]

Being Autumn, alternately damp and cold, then dry and warm, I’m on the alert for more weird and wonderful fungi.  These fleshy tree-huggers are new to me. I was taken by the way their lightly frilled skirts droop into points like nippled udders.  I think they are a type of oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, which […]

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