As the damp and chilly days increase in frequency, the Eastern Red-necked Wallabies really appreciate a sunny spell, to dry out — and to doze. I counted thirteen lazing about on this sunny aftermath morning, enjoying that I’d finally mown some more of the orchard. Some stick to their regular spots nearer the cabin, like […]

Even from inside my cabin, Autumn leaves are adding colour in an everchanging wealth of combinations. I really have to keep my eyes open — and camera ready — for new effects every day. I step out on to the verandah, and the effect is quite different, between the wisteria’s green and gold and the […]

Being Autumn, alternately damp and cold, then dry and warm, I’m on the alert for more weird and wonderful fungi.  These fleshy tree-huggers are new to me. I was taken by the way their lightly frilled skirts droop into points like nippled udders.  I think they are a type of oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, which […]

I love, love Autumn. The few deciduous vines and trees offer enough colour to keep me delighted; their sparsity keeps me from being complacent about their offerings. The Glory vine on my verandah changes its dress daily, and every change of light brings new interest. It has the western side all to itself. On the […]

The small details of the plant world often make me wish I’d become a botanist. In my day, if they were ‘going on’ after high school, girls did nursing or teaching — to tide them over until they got married. I have been unable to decide whether, had I been born later, I’d have studied botany […]

Noticing that the first reddish tones of Autumn were appearing in some leaves of the Glory Vine that clothes the western ends of my verandah and mud walled cabin, I decided I’d better celebrate its green stage before I lost it for the year. I am always astonished at how vigorous it is, how far […]

Typical of April, it’s been raining here, offering the sort of disappointingly drizzly days I associated with Saturdays when I was a child. The main splash of colour I see from my desk is the Glory Vine, the grapeless ornamental grape vine that decorates and shades my verandah. Its job nearly done for the year, […]

Can you imagine anything more purely beautiful than this fungus? It had popped up in the the orchard paddock and was gleaming white at me across all the soggy green. There was another further up the hill. Each was alone in its perfection, a setting befitting the creation. It is Macrolepiota dolichaula, I discover, and […]

As Autumn becomes Winter, under perpetual grey skies, the intermittent thin drizzle keeps the saturated ground weeping down the hillside. In all the dimmed-down garden and bushland, one light shines each day to greet and cheer me with its brightness.   My Liquid Amber tree is incandescent with warm colour, from yellow to purple and every […]

After a windy week, the leaves are fast disappearing from the wisteria and the ornamental grape vines draping my verandah edges. One evening the decking was covered in leaves, the next morning it was swept almost clean by stronger winds. Except for what had been deposited in my rubber outdoor shoes. Not a common sight, […]

When the wisteria leaves begin to turn their beautiful clear yellow, they suddenly justify my colour choice of bright yellow for the painted wooden chairs on the verandah. It’s what I see through the window in front of my desk, so I’m very aware of the transition. My verandah is as big as my small […]

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I began this blog, but the leaves were definitely turning and falling in those first photos. I was reminded of this the other day when I saw a crimson rosella clearly visible amongst the thinning vine cover on the verandah in front of me, where […]

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