A yellow Robin has appeared, flicking itself from one bush or tree or tree guard to another, more like a wind-blown leaf than a bird in flight. It stays still in any one place for such a short time that it’s hard to get a photo of it. When it lands on the ground you […]

It is chilly of a morning, tempting to stay cosy under the comforting weight of the blankets — and yes, I still use woollen blankets, not doonas. Well, those blankets just haven’t worn out, some even after 45 years, as my wedding present Onkaparinga apple green one is. My frugality dictates that until they do, […]

After so much rain, the early summer heat is encouraging growth and blossoming and inviting birds and bees to sample the offerings. It doesn’t seem to bother the plants that this heat alternates erratically with chilly mornings and nights. And of course these are all plants blessed by being despised by my munching macropods! My […]

Soaking up the morning sun in front of my solar power shed door was this wallaby mum and her helpful joey. In between de-fleaing mum and racing around the shed, he’d return for a drink. She left her pouch open to the sun’s warmth and his frequent suckling. Within the pale pink pleats, is that […]

We all know how mothers have to be on the ball to keep an eye on the young. This was borne home to me afresh by my wallaby mates lately. After days of dreary chilly rain, the sun came out. The only wallabies that seemed even half-awake were the mums with toddlers. This one had […]

Much of this winter has been spent at the computer, writing more book talks. It’s cosy inside my cabin, with the slow combustion wood heater going all the time but fully banked down, as once the mud brick walls have heated up, they hold the warmth. No heat transfer at all. But I am also […]

As the last red leaves fell from the Glory Vine, this exquisite little nest, round as tennis ball and about the same size, was revealed. It was knitted with gossamer threads and moss onto three twigs, like grandma making a sock by going round and round on her three needles. Quite empty, it and its twiggy […]

The last days of July have been warm and calm. With a month of winter yet to come, it feels like Spring. The ground is still very damp, but the locals don’t seem to mind. This wallaby mum lazed in the sun for hours until the treeline shade caught up with her, while her joey […]

My western mudbrick wall has only two windows, to reduce heat entering. On summer late afternoons I also draw blinds or curtains across them, to complement the outside shade efforts of the Glory Vine’s broad leaves. Now that the full heat of summer is waning, I can begin to enjoy the effects of this late […]

Many early colonists thought the Australian bush a drab monotone of greyish green, blinded as they still were by the vivid lime greens and emeralds of their European trees and mist-made lawns. I hope closer acquaintance taught them to see more clearly – if they hadn’t cleared all the bush around them. At present my […]

Christmas is over and it’s been raining steadily on the mountain since Christmas night. Welcome gentle rain falling from cloud cover that is allowing a pale warm light through as well –and probably putting a light charge into the solar batteries as well. I have moved the car out of the carport so it can […]

Not to be jolly, as we are supposed to be, but a whole mix of emotions, and mostly not even on the up scale to jolly. Why? Because Copenhagen came so close to Christmas, and delivered such a sad affirmation of the power of the corporate and capitalist world to ignore the urgent needs of […]

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