It’s spring! In the bush, dead spars of tree trunks have sprouted flamboyant purple head-dresses as Hardenbergia stems have reached the top and found the light. In the garden the winter bulbs aren’t even finished, the spring ones haven’t started; there are many clumps of green strappy leaves gathering food for the bulbs for next […]

Just spring, and another of my old-fashioned camellia bushes has come into bloom. Grown from cuttings taken from the garden of an old house in Port Macquarie, this one is lolly pink, streaked with strawberry. A candy camellia. Ain’t she sweet? In a less domesticated part of my yard, three native plants have formed a […]

I have now managed to prune four of my fruit trees so as to be able to net them later. It has to be gradual, as my thumb joints don’t like too much secateur work at a time. One of these trees, the nectarine, had so many closed buds that I felt like a murderess […]

Each year the front yard explodes with the bounty of winter-flowering bulbs: tuberoses, jonquils of at least five different types, including the highly-perfumed and multi-layered clusters of the Erlicheers, and the dainty arches of the snowdrops. I know the latter are properly named ‘snowflakes’, but childhood memories and habits, as well as their drooping stems […]

Pinks, mauves, magentas, purples – spring is hitting the full spectrum now in its flower offerings. In the forest, the native Indigofera bushes have burst into prominence with masses of pinkish-mauve pea flowers, carried at about chest-height below the eucalypts. Normally their delicate foliage renders them less visible. Any garden would be graced by these. […]

Even before Spring had officially sprung, the forest began to deck itself in royal purple. Twining up saplings, threading through the spiky clumps of Lomandra and Dianella, or just running for glory through the grass — the Purple Coral Pea, Hardenbergia Violacea. It’s also called False Sarsparilla, which doesn’t seem fair, as it’s just being […]

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