The Extraordinary

Wildlife seems to find me. This impressive stick-insect right beside my front door was spotted by my son-in-law when he arrived. I think this is a female Titan Stick-insect, Acrophylla titan. She was easily 300mm long, compared here with her discoverer’s hand. I was afraid to harm those fragile limbs in trying to dislodge her, […]

Drivers along the Lakes Way just south of Forster have been doing doubletakes as they pass this aerial edifice. After watching my Willy Wagtails’ teeny effort, this massive pile of branches seemed hardly birdlike. I only had time to zoom in on the remaining parent. I’d been thinking a White-breasted (or White-bellied) Sea Eagle, but […]

When you step out of your ute in a Macdonalds carpark (yes, I confess: a rare last resort!) you don’t expect to be eye-to-eye with a prehistoric creature like this. It was most uncomfortably perched on top of a harshly pruned hedge, as spiky as itself. I think it’s a water dragon but there was […]

Down here in my skybowl I have had isolated visits from birds I don’t usually see – just dropping in for a peek at how we poor groundhuggers live. But I have never had a Wedge-tailed Eagle come calling at the house. Last week this one flew into my yard and landed in a very […]

On my brief 2010 foray into southern Tasmania I was looking for wild edges, and I found a place called Roaring Beach that tugged hard at my mountain heart. It was much later that I discovered a wonderful website, perfectly named ‘Windgrove: Life on the Edge’ emanating from that same beautiful wild place — home of Peter […]

My friend Christa doesn’t live in the bush, but on her rural suburban riverside block she observes an astonishing amount of fascinating natural phenomena. The key is that she is keen to watch — and to wonder. Plus she takes great photos. As her wildlife is often quite different to mine, she sees things I […]

Rainbows are always a wonder and sunsets often are. I don’t think I have seen them give a simultaneous performance before. This occurred out west, after a storm. If you look closely you can see the fainter ‘double’ rainbow. The colours were striking, especially since inside the arc of the rainbow seemed more pink than […]

Re-visiting my friends with the peacocks, I struck these quite ridiculous birds at their show-off time, which is also when they make more noise — at times like a cat ‘caterwauling’, at others like a donkey. Never like the divas they dress up as. The white peacock was the first to display for me — […]

Strong winds find weak branches on mountainside trees like mine, and I am always wary on wild days. This time I heard the crack from inside the cabin, and crossed my fingers it hadn’t landed on the track. It had, but only the tops of the branches, so easily chainsaw-able. Except, as they were springy […]

In my last week at Goulburn River Stone Cottages I was taken on a walk up the Gorge towards the famous Drip, approaching it this time from the opposite direction. This took us past giant jumbles of rocks, some midstream like beached battleships, others landed on their sides not far from the cliffs that had […]

Under the big stringybark tree the leaf litter is deep. It is home to a whole world of bugs and grubs I am sure, but also an incubator for some astonishingly beautiful fungi. The winter colours in vogue this year are striking — and both are new to me. This solitary smart purple number poked […]

I am a sucker for miniatures, natural or man-made.  Having taken many photos of large and impressive webworks, presumably by large spiders, I was charmed to come across these creations by smaller artists. Jewelled perfection slung between two twigs, yet smaller than my thumb. Awe-inspiring. I walked about the garden seeking more treasures, and on […]

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