Happy Huntsmans

I am happy about this Huntsman because it is on the external wall of my house, just under the verandah’s tin roof.

Using the Findaspider website I discovered recently, I now realise that there are several different species of Huntsman spiders. This is, I think, Holconia immanis. It’s apparently one of the larger Huntsmans.

The garters on the legs are distinctive. I can appreciate its elegant patterning out here, where I didn’t when it was on my ceiling — or in my fruit bowl.

However, I think I have also now identified the spiders on the tin in the heatwave (see my ‘Hotfooted spiders’ post) as another of the Huntsman family — Delena cancerides.

Don’t ask me why it is so satisfying to have a name for a specific creature — perhaps because it seems disrespectful to just lump them all together ? ‘Oh, they all look alike to me!’

Nature is a constant learning process and I’m lucky it presents so much to me here.

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