Kookaburra colony

In my last book, Mountain Tails, I wrote a piece called ‘Kookaburra kingdom’.  They don’t actually rule amongst the birds here; the magpies do.

But I have a penchant for alliteration, as you see. At least this post is more accurately named.

There are a lot of kookaburras here. For big birds, I am often surprised by the fragility of branches or smallness of surface on which they land and perch.

This one sat decoratively on a branch of the tall skinny trunks of my Native Frangipani tree, bedecked with so much lichen it resembles a long-haired lamington. Sitter and sittee were perfectly colour-coordinated.

You wouldn’t think a star post top could be very comfortable for kooka claws to grip and balance on; this one certainly didn’t stay there long.

His mate, however remained on worm-watch for quite a time, levering his tail a little to stay upright. I didn’t see if he spotted any worms, but I bet he caught them if he did. Kookaburras are fast, accurate — and deadly.

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