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Driving home along the track I stopped to inspect this large whitish blob which hadn’t been there three days ago. Was it a chunk of aged polstyrene, or yet another fungi that I’ve never seen before? I didn’t touch it, but now realise I should have, for I can’t identify it in my fungi books. […]

I was visiting a friend’s house in bushland in the lower Hunter. Her small grand-daughter was also visiting, so a child-sized table was set up on the back patio. Large Lego kept her amused. My friend had fed the King Parrots there for a long time but the white cockatoos had begun to dominate, so […]

The kangaroo families now graze around my house fence as regularly as the wallabies do. This helps keep my firebreak cropped short, as well as affording me front row viewing seats. This mum had two joeys, one almost a teenager and one a toddler, barely able to squeeze back into the pouch if need be, […]

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