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I love all natural lemony scents and flavours. I love lemons, and have many lemon trees of the cultivated and bush varieties, never wanting to be without lemon juice or peel in the kitchen. But I also have two native trees with lemon-scented leaves. This little beauty is the Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora), and I […]

Each year the Crimson Glory Vine powers up from its woody trunk and heavily pruned short stems — and goes crazy along my western wall. I am amazed anew at its vigour.  Before it begins to live up to its colourful name, I wanted to celebrate its green and growing summer stage. Not only does […]

In Autumn the ornamental grape and wisteria vines on my verandah were a visual treat — a rich riot of warm colours. The vines are bare by winter, allowing the low sun to enter my house. No matter how severely I trim them back, come Spring they always take off with such vigour that here […]

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