Despite heavy prunings at ground level by the wallabies and hence a slow start until I netted the base, the Glory Vine has excelled itself this year, and run the whole length of my western mudbrick wall. In doing so, it has shaded all the windows – which was the intention. I never feel any […]

Noticing that the first reddish tones of Autumn were appearing in some leaves of the Glory Vine that clothes the western ends of my verandah and mud walled cabin, I decided I’d better celebrate its green stage before I lost it for the year. I am always astonished at how vigorous it is, how far […]

Can you imagine anything more purely beautiful than this fungus? It had popped up in the the orchard paddock and was gleaming white at me across all the soggy green. There was another further up the hill. Each was alone in its perfection, a setting befitting the creation. It is Macrolepiota dolichaula, I discover, and […]

Each year the Crimson Glory Vine powers up from its woody trunk and heavily pruned short stems — and goes crazy along my western wall. I am amazed anew at its vigour.  Before it begins to live up to its colourful name, I wanted to celebrate its green and growing summer stage. Not only does […]

Spring is a really risky time to leave the property for any length of time. And it’s not only that the animals think they can step in and lay claim to my apparently unoccupied place. This time it was the verandah vines, the wisteria and the ornamental grape — which had decided to join forces […]

The only bathtub around here is outdoors, cold water only — the toothpaste green bathtub that serves as the horse trough. One day in late summer, after rain had caused it to overflow, I noticed it was full of tiny brown tadpoles. The water level is usually well below the rim, but some misguided frog […]

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