As you know, I love sunrises. This clearly not at my place. Actually, I don’t have a ‘place’ right now. For the next month I am homeless! The Woman is on the move, national park hopping to re-connect with nature, before I have to live in a house… in a town (!) … but with […]

Looking out of my eastern window, I was struck by how perfectly the colours of the fur of the Eastern Red-necked Wallaby match those of the local rocks, here laid as a tank base. They really belong. Not three metres away I spotted an echidna; not so camouflaged in my yard, but good to see […]

Some mornings when we have been inside a cloud, as it rises it leaves us lightly damp and not yet sunlit, but the valleys below me are bright. I imagine the wallaby inhabitants down there looking up to see the cloud cap lifting off my mountain. I can also imagine that my tree-rimmed clearing is […]

In any given day here I can be offered small moments of splendour or surprise. One day last week I had three. It began with a shining morning, where the low early sun set the leaves on trees and shrubs and even the bracken ferns to sparkle and dazzle. A solitary wallaby sat amongst the […]

Before the holiday season starts, on behalf of all the Mountain critters and myself, this jonquil-happy kangaroo joey is here to wish you all a safe and peaceful break from routine. Hope you have some quiet time to unwind and smell the roses — if you are somewhere wallabyless — or just lie back and […]

After six inches of rain in a week, all of us here on the mountain were fed up with the incessant wet. When the sun came out on Saturday, so did the hoppy animals. It dries out quicker in the open, like in my yard, so the roos and wallabies crowded in for drying space. […]

The carport on my old shed has been adopted by the roo family as a favourite shade spot, now that spring is feeling like summer more often. It’s nicely dusty too, so they can swish their tails and roll about to help with the annoying insects. The magpie attendant is there for the same purpose, I assume, […]

The kangaroos are being driven crazy at present with some sort of bitey insects. They are choosing to lie in any dusty spots, which are mainly on the track, where their swishing tails sweep it smooth.  This male grey kangaroo was ‘caught short’ by the horse flies or fleas or whatever they are, just inside […]

Beneath the new green leaves of the birch trees, the fading yellow jonquils and Erlicheers and the fresh yellow and white daffodils — whose name I’ve forgotten — quietly clump and multiply and delight each year. The iris aren’t so prolific. I was amused to see the kangaroo family choose this little grove of flowering […]

Older joeys, so big they are jack-knifed into their mum’s pouch to fit at all, still get to ride in comfort when they like. In this cold weather, they like. This Eastern Grey Kangaroo mum keeps feeding along, levering her large back feet forward as needed with no regard for the small feet and head […]

I can’t recall how Pooh Bear’s macropod mother and child were allotted the names of Kanga and Roo, but here they are. I saw this rather awkward drinking session on the bank outside a bedroom window. It went on and on and on; he was a big and very thirsty Eastern Grey joey. The mother […]

October has been a variable month, veering from warm to cold to freezing, from spring buds and seedling growth to blossom profusion. And then we had a wild storm or two, one close to gale force, with winds roaring like freight trains, smashing branches and trees down and shredding gumleaves like confetti on the ground. […]

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