Most times I am awake and risen early. Some days it’s more worth it than others. Like today, as the sun rose in just the right spot over the escarpment to be split into morning glory rays of benediction by a perfectly placed tall tree. Within minutes the sideways rays grew longer, the view brighter. […]

One of the reasons I just have to live near mountains is that they never look the same. Sunlit or moonglowed, gaily golden, broodingly black or morning misted, their interaction with the sky and the light makes for a perpetually changing visual feast. As at my old Mountain home, I can never decide which I […]

It was still daylight, the last of the day’s excessive heat finally withdrawing as the sun sank over the western horizon.  I was lolling on the verandah couch, home brew in hand, grateful for the fitful cooler breezes reaching me. When I stood up, I saw that, literally behind my back, the moon had risen […]

For so long, it seems, we have had dry mornings. Sometimes cold and sometimes not, but never dewy and certainly not shrouded in white wetness like my favourite wake-up sight: Cloudland. I’ve been missing them. As I returned from a walk up the hill to release the bush rat from my live trap (he’s destroying […]

My western mudbrick wall has only two windows, to reduce heat entering. On summer late afternoons I also draw blinds or curtains across them, to complement the outside shade efforts of the Glory Vine’s broad leaves. Now that the full heat of summer is waning, I can begin to enjoy the effects of this late […]

If you look very closely at this roseate morning sky, you can see the tiny white curve of moon towards the upper right hand of the photo. A sunrise sliver, a night-time sky resident caught out by the dawn. Zoomed as close as my earthbound camera can take me, I can see no sphere beyond […]

After showers, if the air is still enough, for a very brief period before the sun soaks up the raindrops — I am given diamonds. Every tiny leaf holds a trembling drop of water that catches the sunlight to sparkle and shimmer. The magic only works while the light is at a certain angle, so […]

As with sunsets and sunrises, I never tire of rainbows. I think they are an especially welcome surprise because their clear colour treat occurs after the greys and blacks of rain and storms. The bush sparkles, newly washed, the sky is temporarily free of haze and pollution and the rainbow appears at its best. Very […]

Last week gave me a morning of perfect synchronicity between light and water. A dewy night, mist lifting in time for the morning sun to illuminate the thousands of spider webs strung through the trees. They are probably always there, but invisible until diamonds are added. There were elaborate and intricate multi-storey webs, webs that […]

I’m being given the gift of many rainbows this winter, but they’re not in the sky. On my mountain, low cloud rising and and low sun setting makes for some spectacular combinations. This striped beauty lasted only seconds before the last fine drifts of misty cloud dissipated. Being stuck too much at my desk at […]

Not being very technologically savvy, occasionally I ruin a CD, the non-rewritable sort, by accidentally copying the wrong thing. Rather than waste the disk, I collect them, in twos. I tie each pair together, back-to back with cotton.Then I hang them from the verandah rafters, theoretically for the amusement of my grandchildren. They spin and […]

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