My favourite lizard at the Mountain was the cheeky Jacky (Amphibolurus muricatus). I missed him. But after six months in my new home, I think one of his cousins has come to live here. He was stretched out across my makeshift plastic-covered hothouse for carrots, catching the last of the afternoon sun. I ran for […]

This striking silhouette met me the other morning. ‘Let me in!’ or ‘How the hell do I get down?’ The screen door wire is a bit floppy and it can’t have felt comfortable or secure for this creature. I worried that its ultra-long and delicate toes would be stuck in the mesh… Gently sliding the […]

I have always loved seeing the Jacky Lizards here, but the other day, for the first time in over 30 years, I saw a different Dragon lizard on my place. It was bigger, with a different head and different colouring. It looked even more prehistoric than my Jacky, not really able to called ‘cute’ at […]

Recently I made my first visit to the Woko National Park near Gloucester, New South Wales. I was tagging along with the Upper Hunter branch of the National Parks Association, which I’ve joined. The camp site was perfect, flat and grassy and right beside the clear and fast flowing headwaters of the Manning River. You […]

It’s that time of the year when the magpie young are relentlessly pursuing their parents, whining nonstop. They may be as big as the parents, but you can pick the young by their mottled brown and grey colouring; the adults’ crisply dashing colours are not actually just black and white if you look closely. Other giveaways […]

Following my last post (Skink family?) on my cute Southern Water Skinks, web visitor Darian Zam told us of his skinks: ‘I have a lot of these. I thought having the screens fixed would stop them getting in the house and running around this summer. It didn’t and it’s worse than ever this year! It’s quite annoying. […]

Two of the skinks who adorn my verandah and surrounds were enjoying a steamy break between rain storms. There is a smaller one too but it’s very lively and rarely ‘basks’. You know what kids are like. Given that I’d only photographed and posted on them a few weeks ago (‘My special skinks’), I thought […]

I have a family of skinks who frequently dive under a flap of the dampcourse of my cabin footings, thence probably into a chink in those footings; a small pointy nose is sometimes to be seen poking out of the underfloor vent grille.  But most of the time they pose like statues and await slow-witted […]

During the recent wet spell and see-sawing temperatures, my resident skinks must have had trouble finding warm dry spots. I have what I think is a mother and child as the smaller one is getting bigger and less nervous of my approach. I often see them on the steps, where they dash under as my […]

As the weather warms up so does the action round here — at least as far as my cold-blooded residents are concerned. My favourite is the sprightly Jacky lizard; perky and patterned and with such dainty digits! I wouldn’t mind a few more of these little blokes darting about the yard. My least favourite is […]

Last week I saw a goanna on my ridge. It was an occasion of great delight because, over 30 years, this is only the second goanna I have ever seen up here. They have both been Lace Monitors. My new goanna ran up on to the base of a large horizontal tree trunk that had […]

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