One of the benefits of wintry mornings is that the sun rises later according to the clock, so I need not bolt out of bed at 5.30 a.m. to catch the event. In fact I can catch it from my bed now, being the end of autumn. On this particular morning the light flooding my […]

With much on my mind re this coal book, the ongoing issues and the ensuing talks and tours, I am up early to start work.  One recent benefit of this — apart from stopping my kaleidoscope brain from its pointless shuffling — was that I caught the moon on its way to bed, full and […]

My erstwhile Wood Duck mother has found herself a special place for her daily beauty ritual. Not far from my morning coffee spot window there is a large rock, unearthed when building years ago and too big to be easily moved. It awaits inspiration — and energy. Now each morning Madame Duck comes and stands […]

A pair of wood ducks have installed themselves in my yard, which they like because it has a small dam close by. I come across the couple in odd places and at odd times. The other morning they were dozing in the warming rays of early sunlight; the female remained with her head under her […]

Whenever I fluke a morning sky like this, my day starts well. No wonder artists are inspired by nature! Even if, like me, you’re not a fan of the colour pink on handbags or cars or bedroom walls, when you see the absolute delicacy of the pink hues in a sunrise sky — you’d have […]

A wet season here means lots of mornings when the day hasn’t yet decided what it will do. At 3000 feet, my place is inside the clouds as they hover between earth and sky, unable to rise above the nearby higher mountains of 5000 feet or more. When they do begin to lift, the sun […]

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