Every summer the tussocky forest floor becomes decorated with the pink and magenta spires of native Hyacinth Orchids (Dipodium punctatum). Every other year I have seen only solitary spires, and mostly that is so this summer, except for this clump of four. Their combined pinkness was so noticeable from a distance that it drew me to […]

The spectacular flower spikes of my King Orchids are long devoid of their blossoms, studded with only the tiny gold memories of where they were once attached. But last week I noticed that three of the spikes bore ribbed green lumps at their ends. One had twins! Up close they are elegantly sculpted, puffed and blown […]

The forest here never ceases to surprise me with the apparently infinite number of plants or fungi that I have never seen before. This tall orchid has appeared right beside the grey gum which is right beside the outdoor loo. I walk past here daily — did I miss it yesterday or has it come overnight, […]

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