On Saturday 8th June, 2BOB radio on the NSW mid-north coast is having its annual Envirofair in Taree Park, from 9.30 to 3.30.  Taree is on the mighty Manning River. Manning Valley Community Radio Station 2BOB 104.7 FM  They’ve been holding these family-day fairs for 22 years, with the simple aim of ‘raising awareness about […]

Last weekend I dropped into the last days of the Climate Camp being held at Lake Liddell recreation area near Muswellbrook in the Hunter.  It was held here because near Bayswater Power station where a new one, Bayswater B, is threatened/promised, and which needs serious protesting against. An insanity, flying in the opposite direction of what is […]

The last chapter of my book, Mountain Tails, is called ‘Missing Tails’  and as 2010 is the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity, an extract from that chapter seems appropriate here. The illustration for that chapter was the Greater Bilby, listed as  ‘endangered’ in Queensland and ‘vulnerable’ nationally — the Lesser Bilby is already extinct. […]

Recently I attended a Rivers SOS conference at Booral near Gloucester. Rivers SOS is an alliance of 40 groups from all over NSW committed to protecting the integrity of river systems and water sources against the impacts of mining. The weekend was held at Country River Camp, an informal and natural grassy camping area right […]

The Envirowiki website was started in late August, 2006. It’s slowly getting bigger, but it needs your help! For it to become a great resource for environmental and social justice activists of all hues, people like you need to help out. It is now available in several languages, so take a look and make an […]

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