Rainforests are often majestic and always green worlds of their own. Dorrigo National Park has a two-hour walk that takes you through such a world. While focal points like the Falls are spectacular, it’s the details along the way that fascinate me. Conical hanging birds’ nests? Or accidentally arranged lichen? Vines reach for the light […]

Stormy subtropical weather does not suit me. I am pining for drier, higher climes… However, this climate does have its special effects that only happen here. Like this week.  A brief storm and shower, then the mountain lowered its clouds into the valley. But the day wasn’t over and the sun exerted its supremacy. As […]

Looking out of my eastern window, I was struck by how perfectly the colours of the fur of the Eastern Red-necked Wallaby match those of the local rocks, here laid as a tank base. They really belong. Not three metres away I spotted an echidna; not so camouflaged in my yard, but good to see […]

We all know how mothers have to be on the ball to keep an eye on the young. This was borne home to me afresh by my wallaby mates lately. After days of dreary chilly rain, the sun came out. The only wallabies that seemed even half-awake were the mums with toddlers. This one had […]

After six inches of rain in a week, all of us here on the mountain were fed up with the incessant wet. When the sun came out on Saturday, so did the hoppy animals. It dries out quicker in the open, like in my yard, so the roos and wallabies crowded in for drying space. […]

By day the weather has been wild and windy, making my escarpment edge trees roar like jet planes as they whip and whirl under the onslaught — and protecting my clearing.   Early morning, it can be quiet, but ominous.  ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning…’ And while there’s been no rain, the sky […]

After 24 hours of absolutely incessant rain that put almost three inches (74mm) in my rain gauge, it stopped. The sun shone and the breeze puffed the clouds a little higher than the trees, although not enough to clear the mountain ranges. Such rain on my tin roof drowns out all other exterior noises, and many interior ones! […]

As central Queensland floods, I am hearing much in the media about the economic damage to the coal mines there, but not what those mines are contaminating as the floods surge through them. Or as the exposed coal stockpiles at every mine, rail loader and port loader wash into the floods.  When the town of Theodore […]

Tropical storms, fruit splitting, grass growing faster than the wallabies’ appetites, ground squelching underfoot, leeches on the march as soon as I leave the verandah… this is not how summer is supposed to be here. I am confined to the cabin and the verandah most of the time, and can only peer through the veil […]

I have often admired the work of textile artists like Jan Irvine-Nealie, where fine stitching subtly emphasises the shapes and patterns of nature. However, lacking such patience and delicacy, I have never attempted anything like that. Until the other day, after a short but violent hail storm and heavy rain, the sun came out for […]

On a recent damp day, as the wallabies grazed past the house fence, one female seemed to have a light stripe across the nose. They have a whitish stripe on their cheeks, and this can be more distinct on some than others, but I’d never seen a horizontal stripe. Was it a scar, or did […]

After being cooped up in the cabin for too many days, wondering if my wood supply is enough to last out the wet spell, especially as the tin cover blew off the woodpile – I seize the chance to go for a walk in the forest as soon as a likely long fine break occurs. […]

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