With all the rain, sun, steam, storms, humidity, wild winds we’ve been getting, no human would know when it’s safe to set up outdoor structures… let alone spiders. Likely, spiders know more. This showy spider has decorated my back verandah railing. An intricate and very fine web is not enough for this one; it likes […]

As I’ve never been one for expensive jewellery, the ephemeral gems that nature offers now and then are quite enough to send me into raptures. They are only visible when the night dew has been caught by them, the sun’s light catches them in turn, and I awake in time to catch the sight of […]

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the dearth of blog posts lately. The website has been in process of transferring servers and this has been more of a prolonged nightmare than imagined, with many unexpected side effects and hiccups. Hopefully we can now get back into a routine of weekly posts, where I snap and […]

Spring is here, with welcome rain freshening the creek, which had slowed and dropped alarmingly. Having only one tank here, when I used to have four, is nerve-wracking. Nights are still cool enough for a fire, and mornings are bright and crisp. Not so crisp as to make me want to stay in bed, however. […]

When I look closely at the things nature creates, I am very often overwhelmed with admiration. For example, this side view showed me the superfine and tiny holding points of this bejewelled web, suspended from the possum-chomped twigs of the climbing rose. Like upturned arms, ready to have the wool wound on for grandma… I […]

For so long, it seems, we have had dry mornings. Sometimes cold and sometimes not, but never dewy and certainly not shrouded in white wetness like my favourite wake-up sight: Cloudland. I’ve been missing them. As I returned from a walk up the hill to release the bush rat from my live trap (he’s destroying […]

I can’t help rushing out with the camera on the rare mornings where light overnight rain or heavy dew coincides with a brighter morning. It can’t be too sunny, or the precious jewels thus revealed will have been dried up. Then all I’d see would be a spiderweb, miraculous in itself, but more common. On […]

My friend Christa doesn’t live in the bush, but on her rural suburban riverside block she observes an astonishing amount of fascinating natural phenomena. The key is that she is keen to watch — and to wonder. Plus she takes great photos. As her wildlife is often quite different to mine, she sees things I […]

I am a sucker for miniatures, natural or man-made.  Having taken many photos of large and impressive webworks, presumably by large spiders, I was charmed to come across these creations by smaller artists. Jewelled perfection slung between two twigs, yet smaller than my thumb. Awe-inspiring. I walked about the garden seeking more treasures, and on […]

Late summer, and the smooth-trunked gum trees here have shed their bark clothes– perversely, just as it’s getting chilly. This  one near the path to the outdoor loo astonishes each time I walk by with the amount of bark strips from just one tree. No wonder we build up such a good fuel load for […]

Following a brief but heavy shower of rain, I spotted this little arrangement in the climbing rose that hangs beyond my kitchen window. I probably only did so because the radiating central part of the web was delineated with raindrops. So was the leaf that hung at its heart. I knew this was a Leaf-curling […]

I am happy about this Huntsman because it is on the external wall of my house, just under the verandah’s tin roof. Using the Findaspider website I discovered recently, I now realise that there are several different species of Huntsman spiders. This is, I think, Holconia immanis. It’s apparently one of the larger Huntsmans. The garters […]

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