I get so few visits from more than one wandering wallaby that I was delighted to see this little trio of game boys venture in right near the house one early evening after rain. They are the same Eastern Red-necked Wallabies that I lived with — in such great numbers — at my old Mountain […]

Now that Spring is showing itself and the weeds amongst my ‘lawn’ are seeding, clouds of teeny grass finches are harvesting them. The ones now visiting are gorgeous little birds — Red-browed Finches, native to Eastern Australia’s coastal edge, or at least east of the Dividing Range. They have a red rump, pink legs, a […]

I am used to seeing splashes and dashes of black and white at a distance, in the tall trees along the creek, for the White-headed Pigeons feed there often. Near the house I am used to the Magpies and Butcherbirds strutting about in their dapper black and white outfits and singing their own praises. I […]

This striking silhouette met me the other morning. ‘Let me in!’ or ‘How the hell do I get down?’ The screen door wire is a bit floppy and it can’t have felt comfortable or secure for this creature. I worried that its ultra-long and delicate toes would be stuck in the mesh… Gently sliding the […]

As my house is on a cut-and-fill into the hillside, there is steep bank behind it, the view from my kitchen window. I am gradually clearing it of weeds and making small terraces, pockets of soil for hardy vegetables like pumpkins to spread over its clay sides. I am mulching it as I go. It […]

Heading outside late at night, I heard a telltale heavy rustle amongst the leaves of the Crepuscule rose that clmibs up one end of the verandah. A guilty Brushtail Possum scrambled up under the rafters, hoping I couldn’t see it. Which I couldn’t, until I looked around the post — and used a torch. Unfair […]

On a very hot afternoon last week, I was visited by a tiny representative of a species that I rarely see. Bats. There are 20 bat species recorded in these mountains, but as I am not a nocturnal animal, I don’t see them. But this one came to me as I worked on my verandah. […]

I’ve posted before about the times I’ve seen the White-headed Pigeons visit me from the rainforest. They’re classed as fruit pigeons. Last week, from the breakfast table I saw two plump grey birds, waddling up the track in that distinctively nervous way that pigeons have. They didn’t have white heads or chests, but did have […]

For the last three years, each November I have noted in my Gould League Banksias and Bilbies Seasons of Australia diary (a wonderful book, now sadly out of print) that a solo White-necked Heron has visited my little dam. This year it didn’t come in November. But in the first week of December, there it was. This […]

After all the initial rushing about and media interviews for the new book — ongoing and more to come — I was glad to have a few relatively peaceful days at home with my fellow inhabitants. As I am still without 240v power until my solar system’s inverter is fixed, I am to-ing and fro-ing […]

Down here in my skybowl I have had isolated visits from birds I don’t usually see – just dropping in for a peek at how we poor groundhuggers live. But I have never had a Wedge-tailed Eagle come calling at the house. Last week this one flew into my yard and landed in a very […]

In November two years ago I’d been astonished to see a single White-necked Heron in my small dam down the front. A week ago I was delighted to see one (it?) again on the bank of that dam. I did a double-take at the flash of white through the netting of the fence. Grabbing the […]

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