April ended in soft showers and wild storms, sunshowers and sunny patches, gentle grey drizzle and roof-rattling torrents. We needed the actual water to fill the tanks and keep the creek flowing happily — and to fill my new pond. But we also received bonuses with this mix of elements. The most striking were the […]

The other Saturday night Nature gave us what used to be known as ‘a dump’: 150mm of rain in one storm. The sight that greeted me in the morning showed we’d had a lot of rain even before I checked the rain gauge, which overflows after 150mm, so we may have had more. The little […]

On the first day of July I woke to our coldest morning yet this year — 4ºC — and light patches of frost. Frost always surprises me as to where it is found and where not, but its decorative and novelty values are always appreciated here. My favourite rock with its gloriously complex lichen adornments […]

Two weeks ago I was preparing my place for bushfires; days were hot, the little dam had dropped to such an unprecedentedly low level that I was worried about the frogs and tortoises in there. The grass was dry and unappetising and the wallabies and roos were jumping up to pull down even higher branches […]

A wet, wet week — again!  But as the rain eased, there were compensations, like the lowest rainbow I have ever seen. This was taken through my window, facing east, and the rainbow ended on my track, right where the gatepost used to be. No pot of gold appeared, but it was a treat to […]

After a week of rain, cabin-bound except for squelching dashes to get wood, it was a treat to be able to walk about outside.  While the cloud was keeping its weeping to itself, it was hugging the ground, reluctant to depart. But still much easier weather for a perky kookaburra to keep an eye out […]

Now that the rain’s stopped, my yard is a sheltered sunspot for the wallaby population, which seems to have exploded. I guess they give the kikuyu grass more attention now that it’s winter and there’s not a lot happening elsewhere, growthwise. This morning they seemed as ‘herded’ and as focused on the task as a […]

October has been a variable month, veering from warm to cold to freezing, from spring buds and seedling growth to blossom profusion. And then we had a wild storm or two, one close to gale force, with winds roaring like freight trains, smashing branches and trees down and shredding gumleaves like confetti on the ground. […]

I have often admired the work of textile artists like Jan Irvine-Nealie, where fine stitching subtly emphasises the shapes and patterns of nature. However, lacking such patience and delicacy, I have never attempted anything like that. Until the other day, after a short but violent hail storm and heavy rain, the sun came out for […]

It had rained for days, and when it wasn’t raining it was damp and grey and cold. Miserable, in fact. The hillsides were oozing and the track was a running stream. But just as dry firewood was becoming a concern, this day threw a final heavy shower at the mountain and then the sun came […]

One brooding and steamy day in February, so still in summer, the weather finally decided to go into action and rain on my patch. But it wasn’t completely decisive, as it retained the bright light and heat of sunshine as well. From my verandah, the sunshower looked like it was raining diamonds, but on ‘film’ it looked […]

After a severe thunderstorm, with crashes and breaks and rolls that came much to close to my cabin for comfort,  the rain stopped just in time for the end of the day. The rain had been welcome, but I wanted a fine tomorrow. Over me, thin low cloud still swirled grey and damp, and the […]

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