Coming home after what had clearly been a wet week here, I was pleased to see my wildlife mates, including the plentiful kookaburras. This one on the deck railing looked around at my intrusion as if he’d become used to having it to himself. But what was he so keenly watching down below in the […]

The Maned Wood Duck couple are back on the little dam, and enjoying being able to wander up the slope without having to fly over a netting fence or waddle along to a gate opening. It’s rather late for ducklings, so I assume they’ve done all the baby business elsewhere and arrived here as true […]

I love to see echidnas almost daily in the yard, and that they are starting to ignore me when I walk past a few feet away. But sometimes I curse their night’s work. The earth bank is an easy target for them to poke their snouts into, but  I slip on the stones they dislodge […]

Recently I met Laura, a delightful young Spanish biologist with a passion for primates, while she was WWOOFing at Rocky Creek Wildlife Refuge. Here she’s been caring for wallabies and kangaroos, given that primates are a bit hard to find in Australia. Her Animal Lady blog is both fun and informative as she travels to different places […]

For the past ten years, Sandra Stewart has been rescuing and caring for injured and orphaned native wildlife on her Upper Hunter wildlife refuge – Rocky Creek. She now has her own website, with some great photos. Here she shares her many close encounters and relationships, and her concerns, such as about commercial kangaroo shooting […]

Lately the harrassed mother magpie has been closely shadowed everywhere she goes in the yard by her overly large and overly vocal teenager. Not yet black and white but greyish-brown and white, he is bigger than his mum and always a bit behind in copying whatever she is doing. The other day she had landed […]

This post is extracted from Chapter 1 of The Woman on the Mountain, with the kind permission of my publisher, Exisle. Wherever you live you need to feel safe, and in tune with your surroundings. I do. Yet my place is a 90-minute drive from a post box, police station, shop or mechanic, let alone […]

When I feed the horses I have to tie them up so the greedy ones don’t annoy the others. The worst is the little one, Shari, who’ll pick up the rim of the rubber bucket with her teeth and drag it away from a bigger horse, or just muscle in with her shaggy head. I […]

On a recent Goulburn River camping trip, one visitor to the campsite was familiar: a large, long goanna, or Lace Monitor. He checked out the cold campfire and the garbage bag, but was disappointed in our vegetarian scraps. Fruit peelings and limp lettuce leaves just can’t compete with chop bones or pie crusts. Spotting us, […]

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