Wallaby charmers

The dainty Red-necked Wallabies are my most common marsupial here, and I daily see small groups grazing along the yard fence line, not far from my verandah. When I appear, they usually look up to see what I’m doing, then it’s heads back down to resume eating.

As you can see, the amount of red they have on their grey fur varies quite a lot. Here’s a young male (above, left) and a female with a joey in her pouch.
Often the Red-necked Wallaby mothers that I see here seem far too small to be mothers. By the time the joey is old enough to stay out of the pouch it is nearly as big as its mum. This one (left) wasn’t venturing out today but it was leaning out and doing a bit of practice grazing.

The male kept interrupting his grazing to deal with something itchy — fleas, ticks, leeches? — twisting round to reach the spots with his mouth as well as his neat front paws. I doubt he could reach his tail, but he was very flexible — and determined — so who knows?

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