A forest for birds

Before entering this forest of the Henry Kendall Reserve I am bemused by the sparkles of sunshine beside opposing calm, the mysteriously varying ways of water movements.

The forest itself is equally varied, with many large and imposing spreading trees.

Others rise tall and straight limbed.  By the busy chatter of birds, darting tantalisingly close and away, too swift to photograph, the forest is a rich residence for wildlife.

It’s the sort of forest walk where you more often than not find yourself craning upwards to see what’s going on up there. A lot, from the noise!

But lower and nearer details occasionally catch my eye, like this textured casuarina bark…

Or this mossy hidey-hole, a dark refuge into which I do not intrude. Thankfully, this whole forest has life of its own, from birds to whatever lives here!

4 thoughts on “A forest for birds”

  1. Thanks all for enjoying my take on nature. Very wet here and rain relentless, but only on a be-prepared alert here; will depend on the river. Fingers crossed!

  2. Yes, I agree: always beautiful photos and commentary! I hope you and your forests and surrounds are not being damaged by these rains! ? Sue

  3. This area is a regular walk for me, Sharyn, as I live just a little bit further around the lake. I’ve seen it in all weathers and it never fails to show me something wonderful….a multitude of birds, as you mentioned, but also Lace Monitor lizards, any number of smaller lizards, koala, possums and also all the trees and flora. It’s wild nature in my backyard and I’m so grateful for it.
    Cheers, Karen

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