Beach bounty

Not being a fan of bright summer sunlight and blue skies, I go early to the beach near me. My mate Fred shares The Cloud Appreciation Society newsletter with me each month and I have to agree with them that clouds are far more interesting than cloudless skies!

If I am lucky the clouds part just enough for those angels up there to take a peek, shining a spotlight on the restless sea below.

At other times the clouds part in a less focused way, to light up a patch of sea and reflect in the wet sand. Light is always more interesting when paired with darkness or dullness.

But looking down and up close is just as interesting.

If I’m sitting long enough, the sand itself can reveal fascinating sights. Like this portrait of a hairy big-eyed creature… made by busy crabs…and birds?

The tiny crabs move fast when they detect any motion nearby, to disappear down their burrows. I wonder how they keep the sand out of those eyes on stalks?

2 thoughts on “Beach bounty”

  1. Sharyn Im with you about those bright blue skies…although the thought of a spacious empty sky has phiosophical, spiritual appeal. This morning at Pilot was soft and grey, the waters calm at low tide, the mirror surface broken every now and then by flashes of tiny fish breaking the surface. Amazingly the beach was empty for a good 20 minutes ?????????????

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