Biffo boys

In my wallaby world, there’s been a fair amount of girl-chasing going on lately, and as there always seems to be a lot of competition amongst the males for a female on heat, inevitably that leads to arguments.
These two males were in a group that was following a young female down the hill past my yard. For some reason — a muttered slight on the lady’s honour or the the rival’s virility? — they broke off the pursuit and began fighting.
Their necks look vulnerable in the position they assume, but it must be against the rules to go for the throat. The pair of them kept it up as they danced through the tussocks, turning and tumbling down the slope to the gully, out of my sight.

So I don’t know who won — the fight or the fair maid!

4 thoughts on “Biffo boys”

  1. Hello Mark – you certainly got some great photos. Isn’t it a privilege to live in such environments?
    Hope you like the book,

  2. Hi Sharyn,
    Yes, it has been the time of year where young male macropods are fighting for female attention! Where i live-Mount Rae forest-provides the opportunity for many such photos of our unique australian flora and fauna. Have recently received a copy of your book and enjoy the blog (and Denis Wilsons).
    Cheers Mark

  3. Hi Denis,
    That’s fantastic series of action shots by your friend! Go take a look everyone.
    Thanks for that.

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