These two Laughing Kookaburras decided to share my occasional bird feeder.

Not that they were interested in birdseed, but it made a good vantage point for wormwatching.

They weren’t into team diving, however, and they wouldn’t have shared the worm.

Probably siblings from one of the large kookaburra family tribes on my place, they’d be used to helping feed younger brothers or sisters, so maybe they were hunting to take back to the nest.

2 thoughts on “Brotherburras”

  1. Hi D,
    Kookaburras are certainly characters, but I wouldn’t want to be too-oo close: those beaks are scary. I’ve seen them swoop and take a sausage off a person’s plate at a BBQ; I was hoping they can tell a sausage from a finger.
    Enjoy your Fall: Autumn here is my favourite season.

  2. Oh I do love this picture. They are fascinating and I can’t imagine being so close. There are lots of birds of all kinds on my place and I do enjoy feeding and watching them. You have already figured out that
    I do love nature. Summer is ending here and the fall will be perfect for lots of outside living with its cool days and nights.
    My book has been shipped. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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