Cloud dunes


Autumn is noted for its winds here. They’ve been a little late this year, but then everything about the weather has been out of whack.

Because the mountains I face are so high, clouds often get hooked there. The wind then appears to flow over them, sculpts them into an upper mountain range.

But very early the other morning, the wind instead formed the clouds into a mighty dune, super smooth, backlit by the rising sun so it held a silver edge for about a quarter of an hour.

Other small clouds, unreliable bits of fluff, promenaded about and skylarked, ski-ing down the slope while the going was good.

I looked for my local wedge-tailed eagles. I’ll bet they were checking out the wind waves from somewhere out there – ‘Great day for a surf, eh?’

I wished for wings – but instead I grabbed the camera. There’s a lot to be said for getting up early – at least when you live somewhere like this. More clouds to come…


3 thoughts on “Cloud dunes”

  1. Thank you Cle’is. My best vegies come up in the compost too – or used to, as I’ve just swapped to closed bins to keep the snakes out!
    Have fun with your garden: you can’t beat greens and herbs just picked before eating.
    And have you checked out the Cloud Appreciation Society site on my links list?

  2. Have been reading your book … thanks…. I love clouds too your photos! I {at 55} am having my first vege garden mostly growing out of the compost but it is so exciting to see what comes up especially as when things pop out of the ground I don’t know what they are not having any experience/I hope you are well.I feel like there should be some older women’s creative communicating site so we can all get together and maybe write stuff or whatever we want . Best wishes Cle’is.

  3. Having just read your book, it’s great to see pictures, as I was trying to imagine it throughout the pages.

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