Corona colours

As we are well into Autumn, I’d expect to be celebrating those ‘autumnal’ tones, but really only scattered parts of the Virginia Creeper are showing them. The warm weather is keeping most of it green.

It is the same with the Glory Vine that has given me such wonderful green summer shade… and still is, although I no longer want or need it.

While I wait for real Autumn, in my Corona home isolation I have been harvesting, using and preserving Summer. These colours are more in the autumn palette…

The last of my non-acidic yellow tomatoes slowly ripen on my kitchen window sill, while below them my sauerkraut quietly ferments.

Bean pods dry to brown and rattle with seeds for next summer’s crop.

My crop of about 60 Butternut Pumpkins was always within the colour range but my choko vine has produced its vivid green fruits in abundance, despite the season.

I make do with these indoor colours in a time of Corona and queer seasons. I will look for other colours outdoors to symbolise this time… 

6 thoughts on “Corona colours”

  1. Hi Helen,
    Daily diet of them regardless, I am enjoying them. Next will be the sweet potatoes whose attractive shoots are climbing many a fence…

  2. Hi Colleen,
    You do see them for sale fresh in NSW. Never bought them, as too tied to the memory of them being free and en masse in backyards. I usually plant the whole choko, once the shoot is coming out the top. Never tried to dry just the seed. If you do see one on a shop, keep it until it shoots.

  3. Love the images of your garden produce.
    I wished I had a choko vine. If they grow from seed can you please send me some.
    Don’t recall seeing them for sale in supermarkets as fresh produce.

  4. Hi Sharyn, if only I lived closer I would love to share in your abundance of chokos and pumpkins.

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