Degrees of familiarity

This young wallaby mother has taken to sleeping up against the western wall of the cabin. As the eaves are wide, it is usually dry and warm there, with heat reflected from the mud walls and the rock base further along.

She is quite relaxed about me walking up and down the nearby steps. The other day her joey poked its pink and only thinly furred face almost out of the pouch — just to see who was talking to its mother.

A brief hello and it popped back in. I am going to enjoy watching this one grow up.

Other wallabies, like this male, choose the warm dirt and cosy sides of the excavation trench for the bathroom. The latter hasn’t progressed at all, as I am too busy, but if it makes a playground or cubby or daybed for the wallabies, that’s a plus anyway.

Although it is wallaby world here, the regular kangaroos are gradually getting used to me. This trio of adolescent kangaroo boys is new, and properly wary of coming into the open yard. They stood and sniffed and looked and turned their ears every which way before entering.

2 thoughts on “Degrees of familiarity”

  1. Love these photos!!! And you captured an expression on the faces on those “K boys” that is just priceless..they really want to go a little bit further, but squeemish!!! Love it..thanks!!! DWG

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