Dressing up a shed

pandorea-1aMy shed is made from rusty but sound old corrugated iron, with no charm in shape or design to allow me to call it ‘rustic’. So it has to be disguised.

Originally a lovely Madame Carrière climbing rose graced the eastern end, but the possum’s munching has almost made that disappear.

This spring however, for the first time, a native beauty has taken on the role of dressing up the shed.

Since I planted it just around this corner of the shed several years ago, my Pandorea pandorana vine has struggled.

Last year I looped it around the drainpipe to get full sun and it clearly loves this position.
pandorea-2It never has much in the way of foliage and what it has is very fine, but now it has burst into a mass of clustered blossom bells, flaunting their frilly cream skirts and showing off their maroon streaked undersides.

Its common name is Wonga Wonga vine. Without knowing its meaning, I find the sound much less attractive than ‘Pandorea’, so I don’t use it. My Pandorea is a party girl!

6 thoughts on “Dressing up a shed”

  1. Hi Ruijun,
    Yes, I do, in the Upper Hunter ; Pandorea is a native, which you should be able to get from native plant nurseries, or even some general ones.

  2. I’ve been away for a few days, so it’s a bit like being welcomed back to have three comments awaiting me!
    Glad you like my dressup girl DWG; and the delay in blooming is interesting Denis. You are a fair way further south than I am but my altitude usually make me 6 weeks behind normal Hunter Valley bloomings in most things.
    And Sandi, the pleasure was mutual – even though my day in Tamworth was the awful red dust day.
    I’d rather my black snake than a brown any day, and I keep telling myself the tale (true or not) that the blacks keep the browns away. Do be careful!

  3. Hi Sharyn, I enjoyed your talk in Tamworth the other day! Thank you for signing my books! Kathleen ended up giving me my birthday book a few days early as she is heading off again. So, I’ve been able to start Mountain Tails which I’m enjoying very much….
    I’m not sure I’ve seen this creeper before… it’s sweet isn’t it?
    As for the snakes- YUK! We’ve only had a few babies around the yard- not sure what type though. Our neighour told me they’d had a 3-4 foot brown snake at their back door a week or so ago and that it was last seen heading in our direction! EEEEK!
    I’m also guilty of gardening and weeding without gloves and have started to be very cautious in the yard watching where my feet go. It’s amazing how little grass they need to hide in!

  4. This is an exquisite little blossom and the first time I have never seen anything that resembled it. The color is so unusual. Love the way it is climbing around that garden wire on the old metal shed. Just can’t beat that look!!! Your mountain top is bursting with all kinds of pretty things this spring!!! Lovely post!!! Thanks!! DWG

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