Easygoing rednecks

As the damp and chilly days increase in frequency, the Eastern Red-necked Wallabies really appreciate a sunny spell, to dry out — and to doze.

I counted thirteen lazing about on this sunny aftermath morning, enjoying that I’d finally mown some more of the orchard.

Some stick to their regular spots nearer the cabin, like my washing mother and joey duo featured last week. I love the demure way they cross their black-gloved paws, like good convent girls. Although the nuns would have been telling them to cross their legs too, in my day; the sprawl is most unladylike.

As the leaves yellow and fall from the Nashi trees, I am noticing the wallabies like to munch on them.  Either I was unobservant last autumn or they hadn’t developed the taste — or they are just being as unpredictable as ever.

They can’t reach the leaves on this tree when they’re green and attached, so now must be like manna from heaven!