Free diamonds

After showers, if the air is still enough, for a very brief period before the sun soaks up the raindrops — I am given diamonds.

Every tiny leaf holds a trembling drop of water that catches the sunlight to sparkle and shimmer. The magic only works while the light is at a certain angle, so I always know to cherish the moment and run for the camera!
Even my hodge-podge of a vegetable garden fence is transformed; for a few minutes its strips of netting new and old, large and small, cobbled together as a snake barrier, become a thing of beauty.

11 thoughts on “Free diamonds”

  1. Hi tiff,
    Thanks for visiting. I’ve never twitted (or even tried!) so that’s interesting; I guess someone else mentioned the site?

  2. Yes, this was one of the times when I was reminded vividly of how lucky I am, Laura. When I’m cursing the need for fence-fixing or firewood-gathering, mowing fire breaks or flattening mud ridges on the track – I may wonder whether it’s all worth it!

  3. Well DWG, they’ll be the only sort of diamonds I’ll ever see here. I’m not keen on the expensive permanent sort anyway; never owned one or wanted one. Now rubies would be a different matter.

  4. These are so beautiful photos! And they do appear to be
    crystals on the greenery. Very peaceful and restful looking and you had to be quick to capture such beauty!!! Your very own Diamond Garden!! DWG

  5. Hi Sharyn,

    I’ve just found you via Peter Ferminger’s blog, and I love your writing and the beautiful photos of your mountain home. I can see there’s a lot of interest here to catch up on, so I’ll be back to have a good read.

    All the best,

  6. Hi Gaye
    Stunningly beautiful image.
    The only thing I have seen like that was when a late fog swirled into Canberra early one morning, after a terrific overnight frost. The moisture froze on the trees – and lasted as crystals about 30 minutes.
    At least you have your “diamonds” on film.
    Well done.

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