Fungi frenzy

A spell of rain, summer heat, and we have steamy weather that signals to fungi to explode.

The first day of sun I walked up the track, feeling sure I’d see some new fungi.
Less than I’d expected, but spectacular enough, for low down on the burnt-black trunks of many of the stringybarks were intense dustings of orange dots.
Moving nearer, I was reminded of the dense colonies of tiny bivalve shells I have seen stuck to rocks on marine rock platforms.
As the individuals were so tiny, I had to go up really close to see their fungi features.

Several sunny days and one wild thunderstorm later, not a dot of orange is to be seen. Talk about living for the moment!

8 thoughts on “Fungi frenzy”

  1. You are so right Sharyn, about people permanently blinkered!
    So sad to me and can not imagine life without an awareness of all of Nature’s beauty, large and small around me every day. Love the
    Fungi…the color is exquisite!!! Thanks..DWG

  2. I find some people are permanently blinkered about the small wonders of nature, Laura – brief or otherwise.

  3. Hi Sharyn
    I love the transitory nature of most Fungi. Probably why I find those huge old woody Bracket Fungi boring, exccept when they coat themselves with a new skin of soft fur like the “velvet” on a deer’s antler.
    Nice little orange scalloped shapes.

  4. Hello Sharyn,

    Like you, I am always hopeful of finding fungi following summer rain. The up-close detail is always fascinating, as your photo shows. Following Christmas rain, I had several fungus species fruiting in various habitats in my yard, and I was thoroughly delighted.


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