Happy family

There seemed to be too many ears in the lolling wallaby silhouette I could see from the verandah.  I couldn’t work it out, so I walked closer.

Then I could see that it was two adults cuddled together and a joey in the pouch of one.

Of course I went back for the camera.

Coming from a different aspect made me visible to them – or to those with eyes open. They pricked up their ears but took no more alarm than that.

Check out the size of the joey doubled up in there, with legs and head sticking out into the sunlight.

There are lots of joeys in pouches right now, both wallabies and kangaroos. Some are spending time ‘outside’, slightly wonky on their long legs and oversize feet.

Meanwhile the blokes are happy to forage for green grass shoots amongts my bulbs. I don’t mind, as they are far less destructive than the horses were, and I’m forever grateful that the bulb leaves are unappetisingly toxic.

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