Happy Huntsmans

I am happy about this Huntsman because it is on the external wall of my house, just under the verandah’s tin roof.

Using the Findaspider website I discovered recently, I now realise that there are several different species of Huntsman spiders. This is, I think, Holconia immanis. It’s apparently one of the larger Huntsmans.

The garters on the legs are distinctive. I can appreciate its elegant patterning out here, where I didn’t when it was on my ceiling — or in my fruit bowl.

However, I think I have also now identified the spiders on the tin in the heatwave (see my ‘Hotfooted spiders’ post) as another of the Huntsman family — Delena cancerides.

Don’t ask me why it is so satisfying to have a name for a specific creature — perhaps because it seems disrespectful to just lump them all together ? ‘Oh, they all look alike to me!’

Nature is a constant learning process and I’m lucky it presents so much to me here.

9 thoughts on “Happy Huntsmans”

  1. Sorry Trev, (in case you’re not having lend of me) but it’s short for Huntsman spiders-but don’t worry, I did have to think about it!

  2. Your Spring sounds beautiful DWG– and yellow flowers are so sunny aren’t they? Don’t have buttercups here but also lots yellow jonquils.

  3. Yellows that pop first are all the varieties of the Buttercups or Jonquils that are grown from bulbs. Many varieties. Then a beautiful bush that is filled with little yellow bells called Forsythia. This is my first spring to wake up in my family home which I renovated and moved into early last fall!!! Beginning to be beautiful as they can withstand the cool weather. Fun!!!!

  4. Hi Alex & Richard,
    Glad to be of help. I don’t have a good spider I.D. book, so this site is great.

  5. Thanks Sharyn, We discovered one of our little stripy eight legged friends on the ceiling of our shack at Paynes Crossing and after the initial fright – he was very large – we have spent the last two weeks attempting to identify him.
    We will be making good use of the findaspider website.
    ta, Alex and Richard

  6. Thanks DWG – with all your enjoyment in nature and life I doubt you are quite at the sunset stage! Hope this is a wonderful spring for you.
    I am curious about ‘the yellow that pops first’– ?

  7. My sentiments exactly!! Don’t lump them together..I don’t seem to see that many spiders..but lots of birds that look alike, but are not!
    I delight in knowing exactly what each one is…Spring is getting here in the southern USA..slowly..still cool and lots of moisture, but the earth is bursting forth with all the yellow that pops first! Sharyn, I so admire you for following what you really enjoy, for as long as you can. If you live it to the fullest while you can, it will be easier to give up little by little when the Sunset comes…how do I know?? I am there!!! Just turned 74 and Thank God I am still going pretty strong!!!!! Thanks for sharing it all!!! DWG

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