Heading up the Hunter

Scone-LibraryIn a few weeks I’ll be heading up the Hunter Valley, past all the horrible coal mines of the two shires south of Upper Hunter Shire to Scone, seat of local government and Horse Capital of Australia.

(That’s Scone with a long ‘o’ as in ‘bone’, not Scon(e) with a a short ‘o’ as in ‘box’, served with jam and cream in Devonshire teas.)

For the first time I’ll be speaking at Scone Library, about my book, Mountain Tails — in association with a terrific local bookshop, Hunt-a-books.

It’s an evening talk and I hope to meet folk from my email environmental info lists there, as well as friends and readers.

3 thoughts on “Heading up the Hunter”

  1. Hi Sharyn

    Looking forward to tonight at Scone. Watching Lulu the ex-handraised eating grass outside the house at the moment , and having a scratch. Two of our magpies in care, escaped today and have conned a local mother into feeding them- she’ll do a much better job than we ever could.

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Thanks for letting me know that you liked MT so much; you’d probably be surprised how important feedback is to me.
    I’ve recently seen a big echidna here too – I don’t have wombats to confuse it with – but I wonder how old they are to get so big?
    And yes, you win the dicky knees prize!

  3. You tell ’em all at Scone Library from Trev that “Mountain Tails’ is a marvelous read… I love it. Hey, for the second time in a fortnight I’ve seen the biggest echidna just down the slope from my little cabin. First time I spotted it I thought it was a baby wombat it was so big. Then I got the binoculars out and identified it. Huh, my knees are worse than yours! All the best, Trev. ps Red- bellied black snake?

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