Kookaburra colony

In my last book, Mountain Tails, I wrote a piece called ‘Kookaburra kingdom’.  They don’t actually rule amongst the birds here; the magpies do.

But I have a penchant for alliteration, as you see. At least this post is more accurately named.

There are a lot of kookaburras here. For big birds, I am often surprised by the fragility of branches or smallness of surface on which they land and perch.

This one sat decoratively on a branch of the tall skinny trunks of my Native Frangipani tree, bedecked with so much lichen it resembles a long-haired lamington. Sitter and sittee were perfectly colour-coordinated.

You wouldn’t think a star post top could be very comfortable for kooka claws to grip and balance on; this one certainly didn’t stay there long.

His mate, however remained on worm-watch for quite a time, levering his tail a little to stay upright. I didn’t see if he spotted any worms, but I bet he caught them if he did. Kookaburras are fast, accurate — and deadly.

6 thoughts on “Kookaburra colony”

  1. We have the cheeky version – kookaburra sits on electric wire jumping up and down with his pants on fire, laugh, kookaburra laugh, kookaburra hot your pants must be!! Hee hee!! Laura.

  2. Yes Laura, they are character birds for sure! Do the kids sing that old kookaburra in the gumtree song?

  3. Sharyn, I don’t know what it is about kookaburras but they are very much loved. The preschool that I work in has visiting kookaburras and they never fail to capture the children’s (and the teachers!) imagination. The children love to imagine what they could be snacking on and whatever could be making them laugh today! I love these special moments shared with nature. Cheers, Laura.

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