Last glories

The temperature is dropping to 5ºC to 7ºC of a morning. Autumn’s not over but my verandah colour effects almost are.

The white-flowering wisteria is more gold than green, and when backlit by the sun, it’s an absolute visual gift to me whenever I look up from my computer.

The developing definition of the curving vine stems is a bonus, as is the increased visibility of the small birds who hop about on them.

By the way, the lilac-flowering wisteria elsewhere is still all green.

The flamboyant Glory Vine is dropping its last red leaves to lie crisping on the grass; the western lattice is almost see-through once more. The long low afternoon sun now reaches across the verandah and brightens the house.

It feels like winter and I like it, cosy enough here in the house with the slow combustion wood heater banked down and on duty 24 hours.