Lazy day for all

With the rain holding off and a thin warmth coming through the uniformly grey cloud cover, my share tenants were making the most of it.

The gypsy camper had its usual coterie of lollers and lazers, even though they hardly needed its shade this day. Habit, I suppose, or fear another might claim their spot if they left it unattended.

The youngest, who seems to always choose dirt rather than grass as a daybed, looked at me so sleepily I felt guilty bothering them with the camera. But they weren’t bothered enough to move.

Every wallaby in the yard was taking it easy, lying flat out or propped for dozing in a half-sitting position.

And they weren’t the only critters lulled by the warmth into immobility.

I hadn’t seen a snake for a few weeks, cool and wet as it’s been. This one remained here near the house for a long time, perhaps digesting, but underneath it would be extra warm as there are rocks buried in that grass. Once upon a less busy time I had a round herb garden here and kept the rock path weeded.