Luminous lake

Queens Lake is large, and to walk around its shores is an ever-changing feast for the eyes. On this day the return walk was late, and the setting sun threw an especially vivid display of fiery gold across the water.

A little further on, and a hazard reduction burn far off across the lake punctuated the oyster leases with its plume of dark smoke.

Then the smoke became a cloud of its own, joining the mackerel sky in the water.

So many swift and ephemeral visual treats; fit for a Queen indeed!

2 thoughts on “Luminous lake”

  1. Wow, Karen! You are indeed lucky; a most beautiful place and an astonishingly large body of water, so no wonder it holds many moods. As for a koala mother and joey… now I will have to do that walk looking up…

  2. This is my backyard, Sharyn – how lucky am I?
    Or maybe it’s my front yard…an ever-changing kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty, or sometimes her fury as storms blow across the water raising quite large waves. Always a treat, and today a koala and joey in the tree beside my deck. So thrilling.

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