Morning wallabies

Early mornings are a good time for wallaby viewing as they move into the yard to catch the sun and start their day. Warming up and washing are essential first steps.

This mother and joey are combining the two as the sun rises above my eastern treeline. They looked like they were hugging but as it went on I realised it was mutual fur-cleaning — and maybe mutual affection too. Cute, eh?

But breakfast is also on the list of morning tasks, and in winter the wallabies go harder on all the plants in the yard as the grass growth slows down.

This young male decided to go for the jasmine vine, but all the lower section was stripped, so a standing breakfast it had to be.

After a while even that wasn’t enough, so he stretched up as far as possible and began pulling breakfast down to him.

2 thoughts on “Morning wallabies”

  1. Tarred roads are the pits Jenny and it seems to be accepted as normal for them to be lined with bodies. Have seen nowhere yet as bad as Tasmania.
    I envy you the sun Jenny; dismal and dripping here after 90mm rain.

  2. Having travelled past the Ulan, Moolarben mine area late
    yesterday, and having lost count of the dead wombats, kangaroos and wallabies along the roadway,
    these delightful photos of wild creatures living safely within your sanctuary take some of yesterday’s sad
    images from my mind.
    I’m off into our hills with my camera, while the sun is
    shining. Jenny F.

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