My missing creek

The one thing missing here is a creek. I have many springs and a high rainfall, but I chose to be on a mountain rather than in a creek-centred valley.

So after a lot of rain when my spring-fed dam overflows and runs with a rush and a roar down the rocky gullies, I cherish the brief experience of having a creek on my place.

It will usually run white water for a day, then more gently for perhaps a week. At present the water table is so high that my precious creek ran across the track and down the gully for two weeks.

The mosses and ferns loved it and the elkhorns on the edging rocks looked on with great approval.

I could almost pretend it was a permanent creek, a compensatory gift for the dreadful bog of my access tracks after rain.

4 thoughts on “My missing creek”

  1. Hi John,
    Yes, those permanent and beautiful valley creeks can run very short of sunshine and distant views, which is why I made my choice of mountain life. And I’m afraid I think life is all about compromise, rather than the myth of perfection!

  2. Sharyn-my creek flows 24/7 which I love but it doesnt compensate for your beautiful views and sunshine.Perhaps we could combine the two for perfection ??

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