My scaly residents

I have always loved seeing the Jacky Lizards here, but the other day, for the first time in over 30 years, I saw a different Dragon lizard on my place.

It was bigger, with a different head and different colouring. It looked even more prehistoric than my Jacky, not really able to called ‘cute’ at all.

When I looked it up, I think it’s a Bearded Dragon. I am delighted to have it here, but as I watched it lower itself into a stalking position, I am glad it’s smaller than me.

And of course, my regular scaly but much shinier mate has been showing itself around the house almost daily. Or I may have two.

I have now seen one disappear into several log/rock places, so I know to expect one to be right near me, unseen, just about anywhere I need to be, like next to the tap or the steps.

I depend on its shyness to respect my right to get about, as I do for it.

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