Non-scary snake

As you may know, snakes have a certain effect on me that I have not yet overcome. However this one, found under a log by a visitor, I can cope with.

In fact I can say I almost find it cute.

It’s a Common Eastern Blind Snake — sometimes called Worm Snakes for obvious reasons. They aren’t actually blind, since that dot gives them ‘nominal eyesight’ according to my book.

They are the only Australian snakes known to feed on insects — like ants and termites.

Not much is known about the 30 or so species thought to exist in Australia, and some scientists apparently place them somewhere in between snakes and lizards.

But here’s the part they do know that appeals to me: ‘They are unable to bite humans and lack venom glands’.

4 thoughts on “Non-scary snake”

  1. Yes I did hold one at a reptile party. I have to say I was pretty scared. Then I petted an extremely large one, its head was way bigger than my hand, it was beautiful.

  2. Hello Karisma, welcome to my web site! You’ll find lots of red-bellied blacks and a few pythons here; I have browns but see them less, no photos– keep my distance.
    I have thought of doing a snake course– did you hold a python or?
    Thanks for your comments. I do appreciate my verandah, in this weather especially. It’s as big as the cabin – or as small…

  3. That is one cute little snake. I am also a bit scared of snakes but managed to hold a big one a while back just to try and get over it. We have a lot of red bellies and brown snakes around here. Don’t feel like getting too friendly with them though. Your blog is beautiful. I just spent an age ogling over your pictures and fell in love with your verandah. I could die happily there! 🙂 Oh I came here via googling bush rats and found the post with the babies you caught. Very cute!

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