Orchid fruit

orchid-fruit-1The spectacular flower spikes of my King Orchids are long devoid of their blossoms, studded with only the tiny gold memories of where they were once attached.

But last week I noticed that three of the spikes bore ribbed green lumps at their ends. One had twins!
orchid-fruit-2Up close they are elegantly sculpted, puffed and blown up like gooseberry paper cases, but no delicacy there; firm and fleshy, with a gold stripe down each rib, smart as the Tin Soldier’s trousers.

2 thoughts on “Orchid fruit”

  1. Hi Sharyn

    I’m just watching similar seedpods on my crucifix orchids and waiting for them to dry and burst. I was so surprised last year to see that the seeds from such fleshy plants are like fluffy face powder that just disappears on the faintest of air currents. I think yours will be just as ephemeral. Hope you get to see the seeds before they disperse!

    Cheers, Karen

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