Parrot peeps

The King Parrots have arrived in all their green and scarlet glory, as raucous and belligerent as ever. This means that some of my orchard’s fruit must be close to ready for ruination, even though small and green.

No time for netting this year, so the Kingies and the bower birds will have their best season yet. This one was very briefly perched in a slender — and fruitless — birch tree.

I am grateful that my resident parrots, the Crimson Rosellas, are equally decorative — and much more musical. This one was neatly framed in a section of my less-than-sparkling  bedroom window.

Because it faces into a bank covered by a prostrate grevillea woven amongst hanging rosemary, the rosellas love to squabble amongst the flowers there. If I am quiet and still I can watch at very close quarters.

4 thoughts on “Parrot peeps”

  1. Yes, it’s a treat Denis, but I absolutely must get around to cleaning those windows. Only then I’d feel bad because the putty in all those little diamond panes needs replacing …

  2. Glad you enjoy them Richard; Australia has such fabulous creatures to photograph. If all appreciated them as much as people like ourselves do, we might leave them enough habitat to survive!

  3. Hi Sharyn
    Lovely King Parrot, but the framing of the Crimson Rosella is just wonderful.
    I know someone who paid to have a stained glass window made to look like that – but it was not as nice as yours.

  4. Sharyn

    Lovely pictures…It is my dream to live in a place such as yours with all the beautiful animals you have on your land…
    These are beautiful pictures..

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