While I’ve been away, there has been a great deal of rain, and the swamp that this dirt road aims to bisect is reasserting itself.

Of course the swollen swamp needs to flow across the road, and has succeeded in closing that road while the water follows its natural course.

The road leads to the beach, so my feet are wet before I get there, but what a lovely set of early morning reflections!

The sun is already up when I reach the sandhills… and a 4WD has already despoiled the night’s tide marks on the sand.

This beach rarely has shells washed up, and it is only in a small stretch that today I see them scattered like tiny treasures for me to find.

Walking home, wading through the reasserted swamp, I see two trees are newly flowering since I was away. This small wattle (Acacia suaveolens) has blossoms of a pretty creamy white, not the yellow we are used to. It is one of the earliest flowering wattles.

Equally sparkling white are the flowers of this Broad-leaved Paperbark tree, Melaleuca quinquinervia, common on this stretch. Being a swamp dweller, it does not mind wet feet.

10 thoughts on “Reacquainting”

  1. If I can reAcquaint with you not public can i? Ultimately doesn’t matter- feels like not yet. Mainly feels like suave manifest of intent would have been lunch time today wed instead of after lunch tomorrow. Bizarre bird behaviour framed a few-minute life-in-the-way window, which might as well be 3 days. Right thing to do feels like chucking the crow-bag into half a drum and planting some carrots; the biggest being upside-down. Mapgpies put on a mighty fine early show. I’ll keep an eye on the nearest stretcher-bed, where a currawong ended the day. Elsewhere in my world, if there’s a colour trend every couple of days I guess that means a mirror on the weekend. There, my onus would be to prove my red lines on your photo can be drawn to/from the centre. A general question I don’t need the answer for. ‘Who’d pass by the golden light inside the crack of a love-heart inside a golden crack?’ ultimately a more general question. Feels like a spring could keep flowing.

  2. Thanks Sue & Mike. Yes, hope again at last. Still enmeshed in the Bimblebox court case daily, but good to be back, even if it is always raining…

  3. Lovely to have you back home and perhaps resting… Yes, what a momentous time it is: your Bimble Box time and now election results. The earth has hope. Beautiful photos, go without saying! Sue

  4. Thanks Sue. Our Bimblebox court case is certainly trying to stop one coalmine at least. Labor has to be a better bet for weaning!

  5. I’d swear artists have on-the-fly proof of just how soooo suave mother earth can be. Grab the first of your now priceless photographs and a crayon (eg. red). Snap in half, place both on the central point of your destination, circumscribe your path (shadowy puddle included) and proceed. Western birds: Sun 2 corvids across road; 1 lurking around a stretcher bed, warded off by 2 kookaburras. Mon: rustling in bag of horse poo my backyard turned out to be a corvid once its head popped up. Obviously ignored. Small no of brolgas alerted me to their fast late eastward flight. My photo’d be proof they weren’t seen in the cloud.

  6. Great to hear a labour government voted in this weekend. Now just need to wean them off coal. Good luck

  7. Welcome back Sharyn and what a great result on the weekend. A watershed moment in Australian politics which I hope will continue.

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