Return of the pigeon

A few weeks after I had discovered the solitary White-headed Pigeon sipping — or pecking at — water on top of my tank, I heard the odd tapping again.

It took a few moments for the sound to penetrate my early morning daze and register as unusual.

I only had to look past the kettle, and there it was; the white-headed pigeon, sitting in a pot plant on my verandah. The hasty photo was taken through the screen wire as well as the window glass, so my apologies for the hazy shot.

The pot contained only stems of parsley; the leaves are eaten by the bush rat who picks through my verandah garbage bins each night.

This very welcome rainforest pigeon then flew to the top of the BBQ bench and posed briefly before taking off.  Getting a return visit was surprising, I thought. And why was the bird alone?

Then yesterday, I saw the pigeon again, on top of the solar panel frames on the power shed roof. Again, it was alone.

 It flew off too soon for a photo, but three visits has to mean it lives nearby, surely.

Such ‘an elegant fowl,’ as the Pussycat said to the Owl! I hope it comes again.