Rosey splashes

The birch tree may have had to wait for its Christmas decorations, but it was worth it. For a brief time four Crimson Rosellas bedecked its slender branches, the thin leaf cover hiding none of their brilliance.
A momentary adornment, as soon they were on the ground, sampling the seed heads of various grasses, waddling and poking about amongst the yellow flowers of the False Dandelion weeds. If I squinted, I could pretend I had a buttercup meadow.

7 thoughts on “Rosey splashes”

  1. Would love that, and will never tire of seeing beautiful photographs of
    all the birds and creatures that surround you there!!! DWG

  2. As you should know by now the Rosellas are just beautiful and could be my favorite!! Just don’t have any of my own here..but very appreciative of all the species we do have! I too, am more about a live Christmas Tree as shown above and any time of the year!!! Thanks for the lovely photos!!! DWG

  3. It’s always interesting to hear of such similar events so much further south, Denis. I suspect you might even get more rain than we do here. 60 inches is (was?) average, but only 50 last year.

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